What Does it Take to Become a Medical Coder

Published: 19th January 2008
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Medical coding certification, while not always required, is highly suggested. The thing that you need to know is that Certified Medical Coders have a higher income than their non-certified coworkers - up to 17% more, according to the American Academy of Professional Coders.

Moreover, medical coding profession advancement opportunities are in great abundance and are generally given to people who are certified.

The following are the only 2 national institutions that present certification to those in the medical coding career:

- American Health Information Management Association

- American Academy of Professional Coders

Each of these organizations are reputable and respected and offer extensively recognized medical coding credentials. Each association also provides entry level medical coding credentials as well as advanced medical coding credentials.

The best method of preparing for the medical coding credentialing process is to get schooling from a respectable medical coding training school.

Primary and ongoing training will constantly be a component of your life as you embark on a career as a medical coder. Healthcare is a vibrant and lively industry. Improvements in surgical methods, pharmaceuticals, instrumentation, and treatment divisions all make it necessary for medical coders to continue their training. An entry-level certification is certainly essential, however it is only the beginning of your constant medical coding career development. You will quickly find out that preparing for and scoring high on advanced medical coding exams will be the fastest way to escalate your career as a medical coder and raise your earnings.

Besides an entry-level medical coding certification, a degree from a university will also help you develop your medical coding career ' especially as you progress to greater levels of management and responsibility.

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