Ken Bretschneider's 6 Keys To Success

Published: 23rd January 2008
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1. Be Income Focused - Seek for ways to make money. Get creative- consider all kinds of possibilities. Whenever new technology or ideas are introduced into the market, the individual's wants and needs change. Locate a need and then find out how you're going to fill it.

2. Relax and Float the River - Allow things to happen in their own time. Bearing in mind all the madness of daily life, it's no wonder that it may take a little while for your new company or product/service to begin receiving some attention. Wait patiently. If you are operating under true business principles, the benefits will come.

3. Resource Gap - Don't heap up liabilities, offices, nice cars and avoidable expenses before you figure out your revenue model. The thought that you can "fake it till you make it" doesn't work in business. Much needed funds can quickly be frittered away when you start trying to appear to be a thriving business. All this will do is leave you with a failing company and a lot of debt.

4. Decide on Facts not Fiction - Spend time researching and evaluating the facts. Shoot for the stars, but also use your thinking and logic skills to judge whether or not your idea is realistic.

5. Never Shoot for the Sake of Shooting - If it makes no sense, and you haven't even created a revenue model, do not do it. Again, be patient. Don't start a company unless you know that it's right. An awesome business idea will come to you if you'll give it time.

6. Be Market Driven - Focus on your revenue model and modify when necessary to discover the proper blend and a model that people will buy. Before launching any product ask "What problem do the people have that a new product could solve? What group of people have this problem? Roughly how many people deal with this problem? How much money can those people afford to spend?" and finally ask "What is my solution?" Don't put your ideas out into the market until you are sure that they actually need and want them.

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